The Yale Assure and the Nest x Yale are excellent smart door locks. They come with tamper alert notifications to help inform you when someone is tampering with your locks, use a set of 4 easy to find AA batteries and have an easy to use touchscreen interface. The Yale Assure is compatible with popular smart hubs such as the SmartThings, comes with physical keys to help you gain access if the batteries run out and is very easy to install while the Nest X Yale allows for remote access, comes with auto lock capabilities and has a beautiful, easy to use mobile app.

But which of the two reigns superior? We will compare the two smart door locks against each other and help you make a judgment as to which smart door lock is best for you.

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Quick Comparison Table Schlage Sense vs Encode

Yale AssureNext X Yale
ImageYale Assure vs Nest x YaleYale Assure vs Nest x Yale
Auto lockYesYes
Power supply4 * AA batteries4 * AA batteries
Touchscreen interfaceYesYes
CompatibilitySmartThings, Wink, Ring Alarm and moreNest Connect only
Low battery alertYesYes
Tamper alertYesYes
Physical keys?Yes – two of themNo, but you can charge it with a 9V external battery if the battery gets flat
Easy to installYesYes
Remote accessYesYes (through the included Nest Connect)
Mobile appYesYes
PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

Key Similarities between the Yale Assure and the Next X Yale:

  • Auto lock
  • Touchscreen interface
  • Low battery alert
  • Weatherproof
  • Tamper alert
  • Mobile app
  • Power supply

Key Differences between the Yale Assure and the Next X Yale:

  • Compatibility
  • Physical keys
  • Design

A Comprehensive Comparison between the Yale Assure and the Next X Yale

1.         Power Supply

The early electronic devices mainly relied on mains AC in order for them to operate. Mains AC has the main disadvantage that it means that there needs to be hardwiring for the device to operate and it is not always possible for this to happen. There are some places that are hard to reach and it makes it quite difficult to install new electronic devices. Due to the advancements made in battery technologies, it is now possible to have a battery with a high energy density in a form that allows for the battery to be portable. An example of such a battery is the Li-ion battery. These now allow for devices to be portable. Other battery technologies are the Alkaline batteries and the Lead Acid batteries – with the latter being used  in cars and solar systems. Both the Yale Assure and the Next X Yale are powered by 4 AA batteries.

2.         Mobile Application

The invention of the micro-controller led to the development of many new home automation industries. An example of such an industry is the smartphone industry. These gadgets have become very popular and as a result, virtually everyone in this country owns one. Manufacturers now focus on creating products that are easy for the consumer to customize to meet his or her unique needs. As a result, they create mobile applications that help the user to enjoy the full benefits of their products. Both the Yale Assure and the Nest X Yale come with mobile applications that allow you to gain access to features such as remote access as well as having control over the access codes present. This allows you to remove any access codes that may have been programmed to the door lock.

3.         Tamper Alert

Since the beginning of time, man has been up to no good. There are people in the society who were born to be mischievous. Such people are anti social members of the society who are capable of going to random homes and vandalizing property for no good reason. Others will try and play around with your home security system and tamper around with it. Manufacturers caught wind of this quite quickly and now include tamper proof features in their products. Both the Yale Assure and the Next X Yale are tamper proof and come with an alert when someone tries to tamper with your device.

4.         Weatherproof

Door locks are made to be used outside regardless of whether they are smart. This therefore means that they need to be resistant against the weather. The modern smart locks are designed and developed to be resistant against the weather. This means that you do not need to worry about whether it is raining, snowing or if the weather outside is generally unfavorable. Both the Yale Assure and the Nest X Yale are weatherproof.

5.         Low Battery Alert

Batteries are a very convenient introduction to the world of electronics. However, they did cause a few problems that may have made consumers to complain about the design of their electronic devices. The early electronic devices had visual indications that would show if the device is on, if it had any errors that needed attentions and if it was currently in use. This meant that when the battery eventually ran out, there would be no warning whatsoever. Modern devices now come with battery alerts and these allow for the user to buy batteries before the device completely runs out of battery power. Both the Yale Assure and the Next X Yale come with low battery alerts.

6.         Touchscreen Interface

Smart locks usually come with a touchscreen interface. This allows you to enter your pass codes with great ease without worrying about pressing small, hard to press physical buttons. Both the Yale Assure and the Next X Yale come with a touchscreen interface that is quite easy to use. The interface is also backlit which allows for the user to punch in his or her password with great ease even if it is dark.

7.         Auto Lock

There are two main fears that a home owner has. These are leaving your stove on and forgetting to lock your door. If you forget to lock your door, virtually anyone can enter your home and do whatever they want to do. With smart locks you will have one less thing to worry about. They have the feature to auto lock your door. This means that if you leave your door open for a specified period of time, the door will automatically lock it. This will ensure that you will not have any unwanted intruders coming in because your door is open.

8.         Compatibility

The Yale Assure is compatible with more smart home systems than the Next X Yale. The Yale Assure can be used with several smart hubs. These include, but are not restricted to the following: SmartThings, Wink, and Ring Alarm. This means that you can integrate this smart lock into your smart home system. The Next X Yale is only compatible with the Nest Connect.

9.         Physical Keys

The Yale Assure is better than the Next x Yale in this regard. It comes with two physical keys that are present to give you peace of mind. You do not need to worry about the batteries going flat as you can simply use the physical keys. There are two of them so that if you lose one, you will simply get the spare key. The Next X Yale does not have any physical keys. If the batteries run out then you will have to charge it with a 9 V external battery. We do wonder who keeps a 9V battery outside the house. This was not a very well thought out idea in our opinion.

10.       Design

The design of the Yale Assure is more aesthetically pleasing to us than that of the Nest X Yale. It comes with the touchscreen together with the locking mechanism inbuilt into one unit. The Nest X Yale comes with separate units, with the keypad being separate from the locking mechanism. We find the design of the Yale Assure to be more practical than that of the Nest X Yale.

Our Pick

We found the Yale Assure to be the winner. This is because of the additional features that it comes with that gives it an edge over the Nest X Yale. It comes with a beautiful and rather practical design. It comes with physical keys to help you gain access to your house in the event that your batteries completely run out. It is also more compatible with other smart home systems than the Nest X Yale.

Why Do You Need a Smart Lock?

Auto Lock

The smart locks allow for you to leave your house without worrying about whether you left your door opened or not. This is because they are able to automatically lock your home after a pre-set number of minutes.

Mobile Application

Smart locks come with mobile applications. These mobile applications are there to help you customize the lock to meet your unique preferences. These mobile applications also give you notifications about the state of your lock. If there is someone trying to tamper with your lock, you will get a notification. You can remotely open your door through the application – a feature that people who get home deliveries will certainly enjoy.


The traditional way of allowing another person into your home is through the use of a physical key. This method of giving a person a physical key has one main disadvantage. The person can easily get a duplicate of the key and gain entry to your home. Smart locks allow you to give a person a temporary pass code. In addition, you can go through your logs to see what times your door was opened and closed.

Factors to Consider When Choosing between the Yale Assure and the Nest X Yale

1.         Price

The Yale Assure and the Nest X Yale are two different products that come with two different price tags. Before purchasing them, it would be a good idea to have a look at how much each costs. If you are on a budget you then go for the cheaper option which is currently the Yale Assure. If not then consider other features.

2.         Physical Keys

The Yale Assure comes with physical keys. This can be either an advantage or a disadvantage depending on your circumstances. If the use of a physical key will end up making the security system less secure, then go for the Nest X Yale. If using the physical key is an advantage to you, perhaps, because you always forget to buy new batteries for your electronic devices then go for the Yale Assure.

3.         Compatibility

Have a look at your home. If you have various smart devices present then it is highly likely that you will find the Yale Assure to be the better bet. This is because it allows for you to use it with smart systems such as the Smart Things, Wink, Ring Alarm and more.

4.         Ease of Installation

Modern smart locks are rather easy to install and setup, however, the exact process needed to setup each device is different. Some smart locks are easier to install and setup than others. A few consumers complained about the Nest X Yale with regards to this issue, and this makes us suggest that you give the Yale Assure a try.

5.         Design

The Yale Assure and the Nest X Yale come in different designs. The Nest X Yale has the touchscreen interface and the locking mechanism as two separate units. The Yale Assure has all of those as one unit. We find the design of the Yale Assure to be a lot more practical than that of its counterpart.

Yale Assure vs Nest X Yale FAQs

Will they fit a Regular Front Door?

Yes they will. We do advise you to check the exact dimensions of the lock that you would need for your particular door in order to avoid buying a product that does not work for your particular application.

Can You Unlock Two Doors at Once?

No you cannot. You will need to install a lock on each door.

Can I Add and Delete Pin Codes?

Yes you can. These devices give you control over your stored pins. Don’t want somebody to enter your house anymore? Delete his pin. Or just tell him not to come. That could also work.

Do I need A Physical Key?

Not at all. The whole purpose of having a smart lock is for you not to worry about using physical keys.

Can I use them Remotely?

Yes you can.


In this article, we explored the similarities and differences that exist between the Yale Assure and the Nest X Yale. We found the Yale Assure to be the winner. This is because it comes with a more practical design which , in our opinion, is also more aesthetically pleasing than the Nest X Yale. It is compatible with other smart home systems such as SmartThings and Wink. It also comes with physical keys that may come in handy if the batteries completely run flat.

We included a comprehensive list of features to consider when choosing between the two smart locks. This will help you to choose which smart lock will best suit your needs for your particular application. Check out the best smart lock, the Yale Assure on Amazon.