The eufy 11s and the 11s max are excellent smart vacuum cleaners. They are able to operate autonomously, can run for up to 100 minutes on a single charge and have a more than adequate dustbin capacity. The eufy 11s comes with auto shutoff capabilities, a cleaning area of 1292 sq. ft. and a 1 year warranty while the 11s max comes with automatic docking and recharging, a 3 point cleaning system and they come with a remote. Which of the two smart vacuum cleaners is the best? We will compare the two smart vacuum cleaners head to head and this will help you make a judgment as to which device is best for your unique needs.

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Quick Comparison Table eufyrobovac 11s vs eufy11s max

Eufy robovac 11sEufy robovac 11s max
Imageeufy 11s vs 11s maxeufy 11s vs 11s max
Suction Power1300 Pa2000Pa
ApplicationCarpet, rug, hardwood, tile, laminate, concreteCarpet, rug, hardwood, tile, laminate, concrete
Run time100 min100min
Charging time300 min300min
Virtual WallsNoNo
WiFi SupportNoNo
Dustbin Capacity600 ml600ml
Automatically docks and rechargesYesYes
Auto shutoffYesYes
Remote includedYesYes
Cleaning system3-Point Cleaning System3-Point Cleaning System
Warranty1 Year1 Year
Noise Level55 db55 db
Cleaning area1292 sq. ft.1292 sq. ft.
Weight5.51 lbs5.95 lbs
PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

Key Similarities between the eufy robovac 11s and the eufy 11s max:

  • Application
  • Run time
  • Dustbin capacity
  • Cleaning system
  • Cleaning area

Key Differences between the eufy robovac 11s and the eufy 11s max:

  • Weight
  • Suction power
  • Unibody filter

A Comprehensive Comparison between the eufy robovac 11s and the eufy 11s max


Both the eufy robovac 11s and the eufy 11s max are used for cleaning the same types of surfaces. They can clean carpets, hardwood, concrete, laminate, tiles, rugs, removing all of the stubborn pieces of dirt that would be hard to remove using traditional means. They also have Boost IQ technology which automatically increases suction power within 1.5 seconds when extra vacuuming strength is needed e.g. when there are stubborn pieces of pet hair that need that extra suction.

Run Time

Both devices can operate for a similar number of hours. The eufy 11s and the 11s max are able to run for up to 100 minutes after a full charge. They provide consistent, powerful suction ensuring that the floors are left sparkling clean. The run time is usually adequate to clean a typical room or apartment.

Dustbin Capacity

Both vacuum cleaners are able to trap a lot of dirt. They have a dustbin capacity of 600ml. This allows both the eufy 11s and the eufy robovac 11s max to clean your room multiple times without you having to empty the dustbin. When it does get full, it is very easy to open and remove dirt from it.

Cleaning System

The eufy robovac 11s and the 11s max both use the same 3 point cleaning system. In this unique cleaning system, three brushes and strong suction power effectively loosen, extract and vacuum dirt to give a superior clean. This ensures that all of that fine dust that may be present in your room that may cause health complications is removed, thus, leaving your room spotless.

Cleaning Area

Both the eufy 11s and the eufy 11s max are able to clean 1292 sq. ft. This means that the vacuum cleaners are ideal for cleaning the average apartment as this cleaning area corresponds to the average usable area in a typical apartment. If your apartment has more space than this, then you can either buy more eufy vacuum cleaners or you can set it to run throughout the day.


When one mentions the term “Vacuum cleaner,” what immediately comes to mind is a noisy device which always makes you wake up in a bad mood. The eufy 11s and the 11s max are different. Both of these robot smart vacuum cleaners were designed and developed to be as quiet as possible. They give out just 55 decibels, which is less sound than that present when two people chat at a public restaurant.

Automatically Docks and Charges

Both the eufy robovac 11s and the eufy robovac 11s max are able to automatically dock and recharge. This means that you do not need to worry about them running out of battery power and just freezing on the spot. When they detect that the battery power is low, they automatically head off to the charging station, dock themselves in and start to charge themselves.

Auto Shutoff

Most modern electronic devices come with the auto shutoff feature. This allows for them to switch themselves off when not in use. This feature saves energy and if the device is a high power electrical device such as a heating element, this can prevent the house from burning down. Both the eufy 11s and the 11s max come with the auto shutoff feature.


Most home appliances allow for you to use a remote that allows you to enter commands that help you to control them from a distance. Both the eufy 11s and the 11s max come with a remote control. This allows you to use various functions. You can use it to guide the movement of the device, switch your smart vacuum cleaners on or off, set automatic schedules and more.

Drop Sensing Technology

The remote vacuum cleaners can navigate the home by themselves. Most homes have stairs. This means that the remote vacuum cleaners need to be able to protect themselves from dropping off the stairs. Both the eufy 11s and the 11s max come with drop sensing technology. This allows for the devices to avoid falling down stairs and off of ledges.

Suction Power

The eufy robovac 11s max is made with more cleaning power than the eufy 11s. It is able to provide a maximum suction power of 2000Pa. This allows ti to remove very stubborn dirt. The eufy 11s comes with just 1300Pa of suction power which makes it remove less dirt than the 11s max. This means that if you have a house that is full of pets that continuously shed their fur, then it is a very good idea to purchase the 11s max. If you have no pets then either option would work quite well for you.


The eufy 11s is lighter than the 11s max. It comes at a weight of just 5.51 pounds whereas the 11s max comes at a weight of 5.95 pounds. This means that it is easier for it to climb over rugs and carpets than the 11s max as it comes with less weight.

Unibody Filter

The eufy 11s max is easier to clean than the 11s. It comes with a unibody filter. This filter makes cleaning extremely easy and it also means that you will have to carry out less maintenance. This makes it more attractive than the 11s that does not have a unibody filter, thus, meaning that it needs much more maintenance to be carried out than the eufy 11s max.

Our Pick

We fell in love with the eufy robovac 11s max. This is because this smart vacuum cleaner has all of the features that we love in the 11s and comes with additional capabilities such as more suction power, a unibody filter and a heavier weight which makes it more sturdy than its predecessor.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Between the eufy 11s and the eufy 11s max

Suction Power

The eufy 11s and the eufy 11s max have different suction capabilities. The eufy 11s max is able to draw in a lot more dirt than its predecessor as it comes with an electric motor that allows it to deliver up to 2000Pa of suction. This makes it quite ideal for households in which there is a lot of dirt that comes from high foot traffic, messy operations e.g. cooking and baking, pets which shed their fur quite constantly and more. If you do not have such a household and have relatively low foot traffic then the eufy 11s will be perfect for you.

Unibody Filter

The eufy 11s max has a filter that is easier to clean than that present in the eufy 11s. It is a unibody filter and this unique design makes it much easier for the owner to clean and maintain the device than it would be if he or she used the eufy 11s. If you do not find this feature to be important then it would be a good idea to try out the eufy 11s.


The eufy 11s and the eufy 11s max come with different weights. The eufy 11s max weighs a bit more than the eufy 11s. This additional weight can be interpreted in two different ways. On one hand, you could say since it is heavier, it is more sturdy than the eufy 11s and on the other, one could say the device will find it more difficult to move over obstacles such as carpets because of this additional weight. The choice between the eufy 11s and the 11s max with regards to this issue depends on which of the two opinions you resonate with.

Personal Preference

Since the majority of the features present in the eufy 11s are also present in the 11s max, personal preference takes quite a huge role in deciding which device to purchase. Those who want to have the latest technology would go for the 11s max as it will come with improvements, new chips and may function better than its predecessor as the weaknesses of the predecessor would have been addressed in the newer device.

eufy 11s vs eufy 11s max FAQs

Do they support WiFi?

No. both models do not support WiFi

Why did my Robovac Stop Working?

There can be several reasons why your Robovac suddenly stopped working.
If your robot is on but doesn’t move then its usually either because the robot is stuck or the robot suction port has been clogged.

Can I use Alexa?

No you cannot. Both devices do not support the use of Voice Assistants such as Alexa.

Can I use a Mobile App?

No you cannot. Both devices do not support the use of a mobile app.

Can they Clean Pet Hair?

Yes they can. They are pretty good at that.


In this article, we explored the similarities and differences present between the eufy robovac 11s and the eufy robovac 11s max. We found the eufy robovac 11s max to be the clear winner as it comes with more suction power than its predecessor, more weight which makes it more sturdy than its predecessor and a unibody filter which makes maintenance a breeze.

We included a list of the features to look out for when choosing between the two smart vacuum cleaners. This will help you to choose which smart vacuum cleaner best suits your needs. Check out the best smart vacuum cleaner, the eufy robovac 11s max on Amazon.