The Wyze Cam and the Blink Mini are excellent smart security cameras. They have two way audio which allows you to hear sounds in the room and talk to whoever is in the room where the camera is installed, 1080p image resolution which gives crisp, crystal clear images as well as an easy to use mobile application. The Wyze Cam comes with infrared night vision, MicroSD card support as well as voice assistant support while the Blink Mini comes with custom motion detection zones, WiFi support as well as live view capabilities. Which smart camera beats the other? We will compare the two smart cameras against each other and help you make a judgment as to which smart camera is best for you.

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Quick Comparison Table Wyze Cam vs Blink Mini

Wyze CamBlink Mini
ImageWyze Cam vs Blink MiniWyze Cam vs Blink Mini
Two way audioYesYes
Image resolution1080p1080p
Infrared night visionYesYes
Motion alertsYesYes
Local storageYes, 8 GB, 16GB, or 32GB FAT32 MicroSD card sold separatelyNot available yet
Designed for:Indoor useIndoor use
Custom motion detection zonesNoYes
Cloud storage12 sec video clip of motion detection stored for 14 daysFree trial until December 31, 2020, then a small monthly fee
Voice assistantsGoogle Assistant and Amazon AlexaAmazon Alexa
Mobile ApplicationYesYes
WiFi TechnologyYes, 2.4 GHzYes, 2.4 GHz
Live viewYesYes, but it is not continuous
PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

Key Similarities between the Wyze Cam and the Blink Mini:

  • Two way audio
  • Image resolution
  • Infrared night vision
  • Motion alerts
  • WiFi support
  • Mobile application

Key Differences between the Wyze Cam and the Blink Mini:

  • Local storage
  • Custom motion detection zones
  • Voice assistant support
  • Cloud storage
  • Live view

A Comprehensive Comparison between the Wyze Cam and the Blink Mini

1                    Two Way Audio

The development of the microphone revolutionized the 20th century. This new technological device allowed for people to input their voice into an electrical system, and through a speaker system connected to the microphone, the voice could then be heard from a distance. The introduction of wireless technology as well as the internet completely revolutionized the world of audio. Through the use of the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), people were now able to communicate over the internet using mobile devices just in the same manner that they would using the traditional wired telephones. The Wyze Cam and the Blink Mini allow for you to use two way audio. This allows for you to hear and respond to conversations taking place at the site where the camera is installed. This makes you feel as if you are physically present as you will be able to see the people through the camera and also talk to them.

2                    Image Resolution

The introduction of new and advanced camera components such as the Charged Coupled Device (CCD) as well as the Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor allowed for cameras to detect more features present in the environment in which they are located. Such technologies led to the improvement in the quality of pictures taken by camera devices. Both the Wyze Cam and the Blink Mini come with high definition cameras that have a capability of recording in1080p.

3                    Infrared Night Vision

The electromagnetic spectrum spans from radio waves right up to X rays and gamma rays. Now I do not mean to get too technical, but I need to get into science a bit to explain the magic behind infrared night vision. The different parts of the electromagnetic spectrum have different wavelengths. Ultraviolet light, Infrared, and visible light are all parts of the electromagnetic spectrum. Our eyes are only sensitive to the wavelengths that correspond to the visible light spectrum. Electronic devices can detect other parts of the electromagnetic spectrum. Both the Wyze Cam and the Blink Mini come with cameras that come with infrared LEDs. These give out infrared light and allow the cameras to take videos in pitch black rooms. The videos will be quite clear and you will be able to see a lot of information from these videos recorded in pitch black conditions.

4                    WiFi Support

Wireless technology has led to great leaps in technology. As you probably know, wired devices have a host of problems which include the need to plan where to lay the cables to go to that particular device as well as location restrictions as it may be physically impossible to locate some wired devices in some areas of a building. Wireless technology allows for such devices to simply join a wireless network and be free of location restrictions. The Wyze Cam and the Blink Mini allow for you to use the 2.4 WiFi GHz frequency band with them.

5                    Mobile Application

Mobile applications have changed how manufacturers operate. In the olden days, it was quite normal for a manufacturer to worry about printing costs as he would need to print a comprehensive instruction manual to help the users install and setup the device. Nowadays, manufacturers simply develop mobile applications that the user installs to get setup instructions and to change the settings of the device to suit his or her unique needs. Both the Wyze Cam and the Blink Mini come with a mobile application.

6                    Motion Alerts

Motion detection cameras have greatly improved the home. These cameras allow for you to record when the motion sensors detect movement. This allows for you to take footage which may come in handy in the event that you need video evidence. Both the Wyze Cam and the Blink Mini come with motion alerts. They are able to record movement when the motion sensors detect that there is movement present. They then send a notification to your mobile device notifying you that there is motion present.

7                    Local Storage

Cameras need a place to save the data that has been recorded. There are two main places where they can store such data. They can either use local storage or they can use cloud storage. Local storage is usually better than cloud storage as it is easier to access, and it does not need one to be connected to the  internet – a major privacy boost. The Wyze Cam is better than the Blink Mini in this regard as it allows for you to use local storage. The Blink Mini does not currently offer this feature, but it may introduce local storage capabilities soon.

8                    Cloud Storage

As mentioned above, you can use either local or cloud storage when choosing a location to store your data. The Blink Mini is better than the Wyze Cam in this regard as it currently offers more storage than the Wyze Cam and this storage is free until 31 December 2020. After that, you will need to pay just a small fee.

9                    Voice Assistant Support

The introduction of voice assistants has brought forth convenience to the average home user. The voice assistants allow for us to enter commands into our smart home systems without worrying about things such as where the remote is and whether it has batteries or not. Two of some of the most popular voice assistants are Amazon’s Alexa and the Google Voice Assistant. The Wyze cam supports the Google Voice Assistant as well as Amazon’s Alexa. This means the Wyze Cam is more versatile than the Blink Mini.

10                Live View

There are moments in which you may want to gain remote access to your cameras. In such scenarios, you will want to gain access to the live feed which will show whether or not your home is safe. Both the Wyze Cam and the Blink Mini allow for you to gain access to the live feed. The Wyze Cam is superior to the Blink Mini as it allows for you to gain a continuous live feed whereas the Blink Mini does not allow for you to gain a continuous live feed.

11                Motion Detection Zones

The motion detection sensor allows for you to detect movement, which is a very important feature to consider when purchasing a camera. The Blink Mini is superior to the Wyze Cam in this regard as it allows for the user to customize motion detection zones. This allows you, the user to see what matters most to you.

Our Pick

We found the Wyze Cam to be highly attractive to us. This is because of the host of features that the device comes with. It allows for you store videos locally which makes it easy to go through the footage at a later date. It has a continuous live view feature which allows you to gain a continuous live feed from your camera. It gives access to a12 sec video clip of motion detection stored for 14 days in the cloud without you needing to have a subscription. In addition, the Wyze Cam is better designed than the Blink Mini.

Why Do You Need a Smart Camera?

Remote Monitoring

Smart cameras allow for you to monitor your home from a distance. Through the use of a mobile application and a strong internet connection, you will be able to see what is happening at home from any place in the world.


The old cameras were big and bulky. They were an eyesore and anyone who still remembers the early cameras can confirm this. The modern smart cameras are quite aesthetically pleasing and will make your home look rather modern. The Wyze Cam and the Blink Mini are very good examples of modern cameras that were made to look good and blend in with your home’s décor.

Advanced Features

The smart cameras come with a lot of handy features. Such features include the ability to hear and speak to your family, friends and visitors using the two way audio feature. They come with motion sensors that detect motion in your home. When such motion is detected, the smart cameras then give notifications whenever motion is detected. They also allow you to use voice assistants. This allows for you to control your devices with nothing but your voice.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Between the Wyze Cam and the Blink Mini

1                    Voice Assistant Support

Most modern electronic devices allow for you to use voice assistants to control and operate them. The Wyze Cam allows for you to use both the Google Assistant and Alexa. The Blink Mini only allows you to use Alexa. If you do not care about voice assistants, then go for the Blink Mini

2                    Cost

The Wyze Cam and the Blink Mini come at different price points. This must be rather unsurprising. The Wyze Cam currently costs less than the Blink Mini. If you want the cheapest device, go for the Wyze Cam.

3                    Custom Motion Detection Zones

The Blink Mini takes the whole motion detection concept a step further. It allows for you to create custom motion detection zones so that you see what matters most. If you do not find this feature as a deal breaker then you might consider going for the Wyze Cam.

4                    Design

This may not be the most important factor to some, but most of us really find it important for the design to look good. The Wyze Cam and the Blink Mini both look good, but we find the Wyze Cam’s design to be better. If you find the Blink Mini to be better, then go for it!

5                    Subscription

This is where the Wyze Cam and the Blink Mini are completely different. The Blink Mini requires a subscription for cloud storage after the free trial ends on 31 Dec 2020. The Wyze Cam requires no subscription or any monthly fees.

Wyze Cam vs Blink Mini FAQs

Can I Increase the Storage?

Yes. You can do so using an SD card with the Wyze Cam and with Cloud Storage using the Blink Mini.

Can they Record in the Dark?

Yes they can record in the dark.

Are they Easy to Install and Setup?

Oh yes. Any DIY enthusiast with a little motivation can set them up with ease.

Do they need a WiFi Network?

Yes they do. 

Do I need a Monthly Subscription to Use Them?

No. You only pay for a monthly subscription for Cloud storage with the Blink Mini.


In this article, we explored the similarities and differences that exist between the Wyze Cam and the Blink Mini smart cameras. We declared the winner to be the Wyze Cam. This is because this smart camera comes with a host of features. It supports local storage to a memory card. It allows for you to store short videos to the cloud without a subscription. It also allows for you to gain a continuous live feed from your smart camera. In addition to all these features, the device looks quite great.

We included a comprehensive list of features that you will need to consider when choosing between the two smart cameras. This will help you to choose which smart camera will best suit your needs for your particular application. Check out the best smart camera, the Wyze Cam on Amazon.