Picking the Fitbark 2 or the Pitpat 2 for your dog? Given Fitbark and Pitpat are two of the biggest dog activity monitor brands in the business, it is not surprising you might be settling between them. The Fitbark 2 comes with a waterproof design, is dogproof which means you do not need to worry about your dog damaging it and it is very easy to setup while the Pitpat 2 comes with an easy to use mobile application, a battery that is replaced every year and comes with Bluetooth 4.0 which allows you to send data to your phone quickly and easily. Which of the two smart dog activity trackers reigns supreme? We will compare the two smart dog activity trackers against each other and help you make a judgment as to which smart dog activity tracker is best for your dog.

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Quick Comparison Table

Fitbark 2Pitpat 2
Imagefitbark vs pitpatfitbark vs pitpat
Easy to setup?YesYes
Mobile applicationYesYes
BatteryReplaced after 6 monthsReplaced after a year
Rugged? Dogproof?YesYes
Activity MonitorYesYes
Weight0.35 ounces0.564 ounces
ConnectivityBluetooth 4.0Bluetooth 4.0
Location monitoringNoNo
US only?NoNo
PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

Key Similarities between the Fitbark and the Pitpat:

  • No location monitoring
  • Can be used world wide
  • Easy to setup
  • Waterproof
  • Rugged & Dogproof
  • Activity monitor
  • Bluetooth 4.0

Key Differences between the Fitbark and the Pitpat:

  • Battery life
  • Weight
  • Design

A Comprehensive Comparison between the Fitbark and the Pitpat

1.                  Location Monitoring

The introduction of the Global Position System (GPS) is arguably the most important invention that was brought forth after the development of the computer. This allows for us to get the precise location of each and every device that has a GPS tracker embedded into it. This greatly improves our lives as we do not need to worry about theft as much as we did in the past because we know that recovery will be a quick and sometimes easy process. Most dog activity trackers come with location monitoring features. Both the Fitbark 2 and the Pitpat 2 do not have this feature.

2.                  Subscriptions

The manufacturers of dog activity monitors create the trackers in such a way that they will provide a wide host of features accessible to the user only if the user purchases a subscription. This could be a monthly, bi-annual or annual subscription. This means that you will incur an additional charge to the charge of purchasing the fitness tracker. Both the Fitbark 2 and the Pitpat 2 do not require you to have a subscription.

3.                  Worldwide Use

There are dog lovers all around the world. Some dog lovers are located in countries far away from the United States of America where the laws, and all the basic things you know are all different. Some smart activity trackers can only be used in a particular country. This may because they use a particular cellular network to help implement the tracking solution. The Fibark 2 and the Pitpat 2 do not have any such restrictions. You are free to use them in any country in the world, provided the local laws allow for you to use such devices.

4.                  Setup

Computing devices that were first introduced to the world were complicated. They made use of very complicated systems which had many switches and electronic circuitry beyond your wildest dreams. One can only imagine how complicated the setup process would have been. The early home computers, and even the earliest mobile devices that were produced were rather complicated to setup. One would need to be computer literate and willing to follow instructions that look like they were written by and engineer for another engineer. Nowadays, most, if not all devices that are manufactured are quite easy to setup. They usually come with a mobile application which makes the installation and setup process quite easy. Both the Fitbark 2 and the Pitpat 2 are easy to install and setup.

5.                  Waterproof

Dogs are creatures that were born in the wild. As a result it is quite normal to see them going into environments that a normal human being would not enjoy being in. For example, when it is raining, you may find your dogs chasing each other. Smart activity monitors are electronic devices. As a result, it would be very undesirable for them to get wet as electronic devices do not usually interact well with wet or humid environments. The Fitbark and the Pitpat are both waterproof so you do not need to worry about them getting wet.

6.                  Activity Monitor

Dogs are hyperactive creatures. They love to play all day long. We human beings cannot afford luxuries because of various reasons which include the need to earn pieces of paper that help us to buy things we like. This means that you need some means of tracking how active your dog was during the day. Dog activity monitors do exactly that. These activity monitors are able to track the movement of your dog throughout the day and help you to check if your dog is in good health. Both the Fitbark and the Pitpat come with activity monitors. The Pitpat app helps you to keep a detailed weight history of your dog and view the results over time. It gives you badges and points after achieving certain goals and these can be redeemed for pet equipment and other interesting prizes. The Fitbark allows you to integrate it with human activity monitors such as the Fitbit, Google Fit, and Apple HealthKit devices.

7.                  Dogproof

The dog activity monitors need to have one very important feature. They need to be rugged. In the world of pets, there are special terms that are used to describe how rugged a product is. When it comes to the world of dogs, we measure how rugged the product is by seeing whether or not the product is “Dogproof.” A dogproof product is able to withstand the sudden movements dogs make, the violent shaking that dogs do when they shake their heads as well as the ability for the product to withstand violent impact with other bodies because dogs frequently fight with each other and they also like running and diving into the ground for no good reason. Both the Fitbark and the Pitpat are dogproof.

8.                  Bluetooth Technology

Your dog activity monitors need to connect with your mobile phone somehow. This allows the activity monitors to feed the mobile application with data and display it to you in a nice fashion. Both the Fitbark and the Pitpat are equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 technology. This technology has the “low energy” feature that means that Bluetooth 4.0 devices use less energy than Bluetooth devices of earlier generations.

9.                  Battery Life

The Pitpat is easier to manage than the Fitbark. This is because it comes with a powerful disposable battery that is able to last for up to one full year. This means that you do not need to worry about constantly charging the batteries of your pet activity monitor. The Fitbark’s battery is able to last for up to 6 months. This means that you will have to change it more frequently than you would if you had the Pitpat.

10.              Weight

The Pitpat is heavier than the Fitbark. This is because the Pitpat comes at a weight of 0.564 ounces, and the Fitbark comes at a weight of 0.35 ounces. This therefore makes the Fitbark a rather attractive option as this reduction in weight means that it is more comfortable to the pets than the Pitpat as this additional weight may cause slight irritation to the pet.

11.              Design

The Pitpat and the Fitbark come in two different designs. The Pitpat is more stylish than the Fitbark. This is because it comes with a rugged design made from Velcro, plastic and rubber with a big stylish paw button in the center. This makes it quite a stylish accessory to your pet. The Fitbark 2 is made in the shape of a tiny, odd shaped bone. It is made out of high impact polycarbonate that is quite tough and makes it resistant to physical trauma. We find the design rather difficult to like.

Our Pick

Once we set our eyes on the Pitpat, we immediately fell in love. This is because of the very beautiful design that the smart activity tracker comes with that makes it a very stylish accessory. It comes with a battery that needs to be replaced after a full year. It also comes with badges and points that you achieve after reaching certain goals and these can be redeemed from the official website for pet equipment as well as other interesting prizes.

Why Do You Need a Smart Activity Tracker?

Activity Monitoring

Dogs love playing. They were born to play and it is very health for them to play. It is unhealthy for them not to play. Dog owners may not have the time to spend 24 hours with their dogs. As a result, the dog owners need a means to monitor the activity of their dogs. The Fitbark 2 and the Pitpat 2 allow you to do so through connecting the trackers to their respective mobile applications.

Easy to Use

Gone are the days when you needed to be a computer expert in order for you to do basic computer tasks. The smart activity trackers in the market are very easy to use, and virtually anyone can use them.

Battery Life

The advancements in technology have resulted in the creation of small batteries that are packed with energy. The Fitbark 2 and the Pitpat come with powerful batteries that can last for quite a while. This allows for you to monitor the activity of your pet without having to worry about charging your battery every so often.

Factors to Consider When Choosing between the Fitbark and the Pitpat

1.                  Battery Life

The Fitbark and the Pitpat are quite different in this regard. The Pitpat allows for your dog to use the dog activity monitor for many months – up to a full year without you having to worry about changing the battery. The Fitbark, however, needs you to change the battery after every 6 months. If you do not mind having to change your battery so often then go for the Fitbark.

2.                  Design

At the end of the day, the activity monitor is just another dog accessory. Accessories are meant to look good. It is of no use to have an unpleasant looking accessory. The Pitpat comes with a very stylish design that will make your dog look quite nice.

3.                  Weight

Dog collars are not pleasant. They are relatively unpleasant to wear and in general, the lighter, the better. This is where the Fitbark shines. This activity monitor is quite lightweight and your pet may find it much more comfortable than the Pitpat.

4.                  Mobile Application

As you probably know, no two mobile applications are made the same. The Pitpat and the Fitbark come with different mobile applications. This therefore means that one mobile application is bound to perform better than the other. Have a look at the performance of each mobile application and see which meets your needs. In addition, each mobile application comes with extra features. The Pitpat helps to differentiate between running, playing, resting and eating as well as nocturnal activity. The Fitbit is made to measure calories burned, distance traveled, sleep quality and overall health and behavior. Choose which mobile application has the features you really want.

5.                  Cost

Different manufacturers have different methods of producing products. They have different business models. As a result, the prices of the Fitbark 2 and the Pitpat are quite different. It is a good idea to have a look at the prices of both products and to see which offers the best performance according to your budget. If you have no budget constraints, feel free to go for the more expensive option, which at the time of publication is the Fitbark. If you have budget constraints then buy the Pitpat.

Fitbark vs. Pitpat FAQs

Do I need a Subscription?

No you do not. Both the Pitpat and the Fitbark do not need you to have a subscription to use them.

Do they Monitor Location?

No they do not. They only monitor the health and behavior of your pets.

Do they Measure my Pet’s Top Speed?

No they do not.

Can they Detect Irritation in Pets?

Yes they can.

Can they Tell When Your Pet Has a Seizure?

In most cases, no.


In this article, we explored the similarities and differences between the Fitbark and the Pitpat. We declared the winner to be the Pitpat. This is because of the wide host of benefits brought forth by the Pitpat. It allows for you to replace the battery only once a year, it comes with a very impressive design that makes your dog look rather cool and it allows you to collect special points and badges when you achieve certain goals and these are retrievable for cool prizes that include pet accessories.

We included a comprehensive list of features that you will need to consider when choosing between the two smart activity trackers. This list that we specially created will help you to choose which device will best suit your needs for your particular application.

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