Top Video Gaming Consoles

With the advent of eGaming and the ever-growing need for home entertainment, gaming console manufacturers have ever been so busy designing the best gadget to meet your expectations. Over the years we have become accustomed to some names as Playstation or Xbox as these have been so vital in providing home entertainment. Quite interesting is that gamer`s needs have ever been evolving and always seeking a more immersive and captivating gaming experiences. Be that as it may, some gaming consoles have proved to meet and, in some cases, surpass user expectations. In this article, therefore, we take a look at top gaming consoles as we try to understand what it is that has made them so popular. Also take a look at the best gaming microphone.

1.      The Playstation 4(PS4) Console

Perhaps one of the best gaming consoles ever, the PS4 console has many reasons to be listed as one of the best gaming consoles. Not only is this a popular console but it also features a wide range of assorted games which provide both thrill and excitement to any serious gamer. This gaming console has some of the most innovative controls which come with exciting features such as built in social engagement option. The PS4 can also be integrated with other gaming devices which means more fun and joy in your home entertainment.

Console specifications

The PS4 consoles comes in two designs, the ordinary one and a slim version. The ordinary PS4 console measures 27.5X30X5.3 cm while the Slim newer version of PS4 measures 26.5X26.5X3.8cm. These consoles come with an internal storage drive which can either be 500GB or 1TB. On the back of the console you will only find an HDMI/Optical ports and there are no analogue or video outputs. This makes this console a fully digitalised gadget.

Game selection

The PS4 console is highly famed because of its dynamic range of games from which you can pick your choice. Indeed, the biggest names of the gaming world come alive on this console and this adds to the reason why it is among the top.

Games for this console usually have high dynamic range of intensely vibrant colours which create captivating and immersive gaming experience. Worth mentioning is the fact that the console can be connected to a gaming store which features an even greater collection of games.

Through the console you have the privilege of accessing the game store and play top-selling and exclusive games which you can even download and store on the hard drive.

Innovative controls

The PS4 console has a great combination of control features all packed in its dual shock controller. The PS4 DualShock controller is designed with trigger buttons and analogue sticks which help provide a more interactive and immersive encounter each time you play.

The controller also features a touchpad which can either be swiped, tapped or clicked and no doubt you can confirm that this will surely give you a new way of playing.  For more user engagement, the console features an integrated light bar which will change its colour in relation to what game you are playing at any given time.

For those extra features, the controller also has a built-in speaker which lets you hear sound effects straight from it while you play. Better still, it has a headphones jack inserted on to it and you can plug in your headset for a more immersive engagement.

Social features

With the growing craze about egaming, the idea of increased social experience in gaming has ever been growing. The PS4 console has the ability to bring in the social experience into gaming sessions through the share buttons featured on the controller.

With the share button feature you can upload various media such as photos and videos of your game on various social platforms. With just a simple push of a button you can even stream live gameplay as well as save some of the best gaming moments.

2. Nintendo Switch

This is a fantastic gaming console which has all kinds of games highly favoured by many gamers. This console features three-play mode which provides increased convenience for use wherever you might be. For this console there is a sense that it is an integration of our traditional and handheld game consoles.

Console features

The Nintendo switch can be described as the smallest and perhaps the lightest main gaming console of this generation. Its screen size measures 6.2 inches and has a 720p resolution when in handheld mode. You can also dock the console onto an external screen where its resolution goes up to 1080p.

Its build in storage space is a massive 32 GB memory for its size and design and this is even expandable.

With this device you will get straight 9 hours of game time relying solely on its battery power.

The Nintendo Switch also features a functional design which is a predominantly rectangle shape with softer curves rendered in matte plastic. This gives the gamer more control of the device and improves the gaming experience. The console has Joy-Con controllers which allow for more and flexible control of the device and can give you more personality during a gaming session.

The console features three USB ports located on the side and back of the dock and these can be used to plug in your different accessories. Quite interesting is the fact that you can connect the console to your monitor or television set which produces an even better quality with its 1080p resolution.

For purposes of keeping things clean, the console has a moulded flap meant to protect your connected cables.

The console uses game cards in the place of physical media. These game cards can be inserted into a covered port of the console.


The console features a tabletop gaming mode in which you can detach the Joy-Cons controllers and use them separately from the console. Playing in this mode allows you to play with the console nicely placed on a flat surface like a table or even prop it up on its stand. You can also opt to switch the console into TV mode where you can play your game using a separate screen.

The Joy-Cons controllers have an HD Rumble essential in in-game feedback. For purposes of motion control, it features an accelerometer and a gyroscope. These are coupled with additional sensors mainly the IR sensor which works for controlling certain games and NFC sensor which is essential for Nintendo`s Amiibo figurines.

Game library

Games for this console come as either downloaded games which you get from the Nintendo eShop or as a physical game card. In the event that you want to download a game, the console comes with a 32GB internal storage and better still you can take advantage of the microSDHC and microSDXC card slots. 

For more games, you can subscribe to the console`sonline platform, Nintendo Switch Online, where you will get access to classic NES and SNES titles. These titles will allow you to make the most of Nintendo`s catalogue of games.

3.      Xbox One

The Xbox one console from Microsoft gives you the opportunity to entirely enjoy the critically acclaimed Halo franchise as well as other Xbox One games on offer. Quite calming is the fact that this console is also compatible with Xbox 360 game titles and if you had some in your collection, they remain useful with this console. The Xbox One console is also famed for its ability to give you about 40% more power as the user when compared to other gaming consoles.

Console features

The Xbox one console features a 6 teraflop GPU which enables 4K gaming environments. Having a 4K environment enabled helps to create characters which are more realistic and heightens your gaming experience. The impressive quality and fluidity you will experience from this console is largely because of the high dynamic range brought by the 4K Ultra HD video.

The console comes with an internal storage which can either be 500GB or 1TB which gives you plenty room to store all sorts of games.


The controller for this console is quite comfortable and has some good amount of weight which works much to heighten your gaming experience. This is perhaps an improved version of a controller which has had some improvements made to the triggers which are now modified with rumble motors. The thumb sticks have even become smaller and have an increased accuracy while the famous X cross is now the D-pad.


Talk about the best gaming consoles ever, these will surely make it to the list. Developers and designers have worked hard so as to come up with these products which are transforming home entertainment and the world of gaming.