Top 10 essential gaming accessories

Whether you play video games as a leisure time activity or it’s a career you want to take to egaming tournaments below we have a list of gaming accessories that can improve your gaming experience. Globally, gamers would spend something close to $150 billion in improving their gaming experience, but have yu ever wondered what accessories do they invest in?

Gaming accessories play a critical role in shaping your overall gaming setup and as such this is through the aid of such accessories as headsets, microphones or mechanical keyboards among plenty others. For those into competitive egaming, accessories can give them the advantage over their opponents which usually turns the outcomes to their favour.

Some accessories will not only improve your gaming setup and experience but will prove to be essential in aiding your overall health as a gamer. In this article we take a brief look at what we think are the most essential accessories you can use to improve your gaming practice.

1.      Gaming microphone

Before I got to understand more about gaming, boy did I wonder what was the purpose of a microphone when all I needed was simply to play a game and score points. Well with my eager interest into games and gaming I figured that there are some games which require that you have a microphone for one reason or the other. Check best microphone for gaming.

Having a gaming microphone for purposes of playing a video game creates a whole different gaming environment and experience. Nowadays game developers are pushing for more user engagement and interaction which calls for the need to have a microphone. You will discover that when setting up most games they require that you perform a voice set up. Now, this is necessary because some games involve scenes where you will be talking to characters in the game which creates a different user engagement and aid to the excitement created by the game.

With the rise of egaming competitions, microphones for gaming are also essential in as far as you need to be communicating with your team mates. One thing is for certain that a microphone in this age is an essential gaming accessory for any serious gamer.

2.      Gaming headphones

Gaming is all about enjoying the experience while you flex your fingers on the controllers. What a better way to enjoy a video game than having a good pair of headphones to bring in that high quality sound.

Even though there are many excellent speakers which can bring in some good quality sound nothing can be as immersive as putting on a high quality gaming headset while playing something like FIFA. Most gamers would confirm that poor audio is a sure quick way to ruin any gaming experience and this underscores the importance of a gaming headsets.

Gaming headphones help to bring depth to sound with excellent sound staging and surround sound. Gaming headphones usually feature such technologies as Dolby Digital sound processing while some have Digital Audio Conversion technology so as to produce superb sound quality which will tremendously aid to your gaming experience. Gaming headsets will also aid you in making sure that you do not get distracted while playing.

3.      Gaming chair

Gaming does`t have to be uncomfortable and having to experience back pains or neck sprains. Most of this discomfort comes from where one might be seated during a gaming session. In gaming most comfort comes from how you are seated and positioned while playing.

Gaming chairs therefor become an essential accessory for a gamer. The chair will simply make your whole Gaming experience rather more enjoyable. Gaming chairs promote better poster, help prevent neck problems and help to improve your general blood circulation.

Gaming chairs with functional designs always go a long way in improving your gaming setup and general comfortability which works well for your improved health.

4.      Gaming desk

So, you have bought all the necessary equipment for your gaming setup what remains as crucial is where would you placing your PC or gaming console and monitors. Some might opt to have monitors mounted on the wall, well that can work but a gaming desk can be of more essential use in your overall gaming environment. 

A good gaming desk is the backbone of an PC setup. With quite a number of customisable options to improve your comfort gaming desks alsohelp create space for you to store your important equipment.

A perfect gaming desk will be adjustable for standing while it has elevated surfaces and it is well suited for mobility. Because much of the time is spent seated, plenty of leg room will also be essential in an ideal desk.

5.      Gaming Mouse

Despite the fact that desktop computers come with their mouse, these tend to be rather conventional. In the absence of a gaming mouse using the ordinary desktop mouse can be rather awful. Worse still an ordinary mouse does not feature any special tools for use in gaming.

A gaming mouse becomes important for gamers as it comes with a unique set of options and functions which are useful for gamers in the different gaming genres.

6.      Gaming Keypad/Keyboard

A gaming keypad or keyboard is an equally important element for gaming and can aid you very much in how you play your game. This can either feature the perfect key arrangement or provide a comfortable place to place your fingers for control while playing your game.

With regards to keyboards, our typical membrane keyboards are very much prone to wearing out due to frequent and heavy use. Worse still they rarely feature the perfect keys which allow for easy game playing. Gaming keypads were thus invented to aid PC gamers in providing well suited key layouts which would allow for an exciting interaction with your PC game.

Gaming keyboards have also been designed meant to offer durable hardware which can withstand frequent and heavy use. As opposed to general use keyboards, gaming keyboards usually come with different combinations of features which include but are not limited to volume adjusters and well-defined macro keys.

7.      Gaming glasses

Nothing can be as important as making sure that your eyes are protected to ensure good vision when gaming as well as in your general life activities. It will be worth noting that computer screens emit a certain blue light which often strains the eye. I remember being warned of eventually going blind soon after I had mastered my skills in gaming. Boy, did I spend awful amounts of time in front of my TV screen.

Because of the blue light often emitted from the computer and TV screens a pair of video game glasses will be very helpful in preserving your sight. With the gaming glasses you can play for longer hours without experiencing eye strains.

8.      Gaming gloves

With so much energy usually involved in gaming, especially the competitive egaming tournaments, sweating palms and fingers are more of a common feature. Maybe its because I`m one of the people who sweat very easily but I realised that after an hour of playing Call of Duty I usually have difficulties in keeping the controller perfectly fitted in my hands. I would inspect the controller only to realise traces of sweat spreading all over where my grip usually comes from. From this I began to realise the importance of gaming gloves especially when I intend to play for quite some longish time.

Gaming gloves are essential for purposes of absorbing moisture as it develops in my palms. Gaming gloves also aid in improving my grip of the controller.

9.      Microfiber cloth

After having nicely setup your gaming environment with all the latest andcutting-edge equipment, taking care of them becomes the next important thing to do.

Properly taking care of your gaming equipment is the major determinate of how long your equipment will remain functional. Better still it determines how long you will enjoy gaming before worrying about replacing one broken part.Of all the things, your screen is usually the first thing to get dirty and if you do not use the right products to take care of it you might end up ruining your screen. A microfibre cloth becomes important in as far as you have to keep your gaming equipment clean. 

10. Webcam

With the advent of egaming tournaments and the growing possibilities of livestreaming, a webcam can be regarded as essential in shaping and improving your gaming experience.

Those fond of PC games will attest to the fact that although many monitors come with built in webcams they really do not offer the quality an individual might ordinarily desire. As a result, most online gamers would rather have an attachable webcam which can produce good quality captions.

The importance of webcams in modern day gaming has been made popular by the availability of such video game streaming channels as Twitch. Twitch in itself has become an important part of the gaming lifestyle and having a high-quality webcame will give you the best gaming experience ever.

The items listed above are some of the most crucial equipment you will need for an exciting and captivating gaming experience. If you are so serious about gaming, be sure to get some of the equipment listed above.